GIVE! 2017
Stanford Hall 14th - 17th July


Stanford Hall is an enchanted slice of Heaven on Earth; set amongst ancient oaks and stretched out along the banks of the river Avon

Come together - find the best in each other - feel what it means to be united . . .

Dearly Beloved . . . Let us Play

Only 1500 guest tickets in total

Dress: Somewhere Over the Fluorescent Rainbow

“We may discover that love is the cause of all creation.
In our relationships with each other we are linked through
our love for each other to the greatest force in the universe.
Love itself is absolute. It cannot be defined or measured, seen, felt or heard.
The force of love, the cause of all creation,
is flowing out from the Absolute to our relative existence."

- Rashad Feild

Group Photo

United Salute to LOVE - Wear Fluorescent Rainbow colours - Saturday 18:00 In front of the House

Pimp your camp

We'd like to encourage every group of friends to create something special at their camp; a structure or installation, flags, a shrine; anything, that gives you the chance to make something fun, beautiful or silly with the friends you're camping with

Go Deeper . . .

Got an idea for an ART INSTALLATION? We'd LOVE to help you bring it to GIVE!

Maybe you already have a piece - Maybe you have a concept you'd like to build - or an area of the grounds, river or woods you'd like to decorate and cherish?

email us with your concept

Please bring a few small, thoughtful treats - bracelets, badges, crystals, sweets to give away to random people you meet over the weekend