GIVE! 2017
Stanford Hall 14th - 17th July
Wacky Races

Roll up - Roll up . . .

GIVE invites you to join us for
Wacky Races year one
Gather up your team for a shed load of fun
Glide along with your wheels - or strut in your heels
Come hither to snigger, the laughs just begun

There'll be water play, bouncing , horseplay and whipping 
There'll be obstacles over which you'll be tripping
You can push me pull you, glide on your wheels,
but no pedals or motors that is our deal !

Dress to impress and wear silly hats
Team colours and cheerleaders and judges taking stats
Prizes for the fastest team to get back 
And costume design, it's all for the craic!

Get planing your Dastardly take-over!

Teams of 2 - 4 people
2 Race and (optional) 2 support - additional fan support team VERY much encouraged

3 Categories:

Wheeled race - Push or Pull powered vehicle (all comers)

Karts can be provided or you can build your own
50m to half way point - team members swap - 50m to finish
If you want to borrow a kart talk to Bob at the Woodcraft area as soon as you arrive

Three legged and Space-hopper Race (Kids under 13)

25m 3 legged race to half way point - turn round - 25m Space hopper race to finish
watch out for the parents super-soaker firing squad!

Three legged and Space-hopper Race (Adults & Teens over 13)

25m 3 legged race to half way point - turn round - 25m Space hopper race to finish
Kids revenge - contestants from the first race get to be the super-soaker firing squad

Enter your team:

Register in advance - DOWNLOAD the form and return by EMAIL

then check-in at Woodcraft camp when you arrive on site

OR - Register on site at the Woodcraft camp

We'll have a maximum of 6 teams competing in each of the 3 races - so we'll only accept the first 6 submissions for each category

'PIMP MY RIDE’ Kart decorating workshop:

Join Laura, Sasha & Jay and customise your machine



Runners - get you team together
Team colours - Trophy for best team colours


Design and build your racing machine
Build from scratch or up-cycle your old Bikes, buggys, barrows, prams, wheelchairs etc
Request a reservation to pimp and ride Bob’s handcarts

Race route:

Start and finish at the Treehouse

Race Organisers:

Laura Sturgess, Sasha Sturgess and Jay patel


Scary Bob & Tony Macaroni


  • 14:00 - Race 1
  • 14:15 - Race 2
  • 14:30 - Race 3
  • 14:45 - Prizes