In a changing World, it's becoming more important than ever to find moments to re-connect and remind ourselves that Joy and Humour and Love and Kindness are still available to all of us

Transcending the boundaries of age and gender and race and creed, GIVE! is our opportunity to celebrate that which unites us rather than divides us. It's our opportunity to go beyond division and for a brief beautiful moment in time rediscover our common humanity and seek out and celebrate the best in each other.

"One symphony at the heart of all music; Quiet as silence - loud as a storm." Apicella


Group Photo - Wear: GOLDEN YELLOW

SATURDAY 17:00-18:00 - In front of the House

REMEMBER: the theme and colour are more GUIDELINES than RULES - It's a party - wear what you like - The more wild, weird, revealing and culturally diverse the better!


Don't be shy - New additions to the tribe keep things FRESH

Bring stuff to GIVE away

Please bring a few small, thoughtful treats - bracelets, badges, crystals, sweets to give away to random people you meet over the weekend

Pimp your camp

Create something special at your camp; a structure or installation, flags, a shrine; anything, that gives you the chance to make something fun, beautiful or silly with the friends you're camping with

Go Deeper

Got an idea for an Art Installation? - Bring it to GIVE!

Maybe you already have a piece - Maybe you have a concept you'd like to build - or an area of the grounds, river or woods you'd like to unleash your creativity on

email us with your concept


Clean, funky clothes - to swap?

If your clothes no longer become you, they should be coming to us...

  • Too wide for your strides?
  • Too small for your dress?
  • Too pissed for your platforms?
  • Not looking your best?

One person's fashion faux-pas is another person's fashion delight...

Start thinking 'spring cleaning' and clear out your 'beloved-no-longers' ready for Give. You know which ones they are and you know they’re going to look better on someone else - you never know what might replace them!

Proceeds to Amnesty International in memory of Richard Taylor/Dick Sarto


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