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What's in it for you - and us

Membership underpins our admin costs helping to safeguard the future of GIVE & HoH - plus you get the benefit of download access to the HoH Media Player and big savings on tickets

A membership is an automatic annual recurring payment set up via your own Paypal account (which you control)

NB: If you need to cancel your membership at any time just login to your Paypal account and go to 'recurring payments' (You'll find this under: 'Tools' > 'Extra Tools' > 'Recurring Payments').

Upgrading from an existing paid membership

When you select an upgrade you will be redirected to Paypal where you'll be asked to pay the full amount for the new membership level. We will then give you a pro-rata refund for your previous membership based on the number of months remaining.

Fair use policy

If your membership expires* (and is not renewed) before the start date of an event and you've had the benefit of a discount on a ticket to that event, you will be asked to repay the discount at registration. This keeps the membership system fair for everyone.

* (by default, all memberships are recurring - a membership will expire only if you cancel it at Paypal)

To buy a membership subscription or upgrade an existing membership

If you have already joined House of Honey (you have been to or been invited to one of our events), log in and upgrade your membership. If you are here for the first time, join us and take out a membership before buying your ticket.