Vinnie Vega
aka Vyncent Brett

I grew up in in the 80's 90's with a keen interest in the way music made me feel, listening to and loving all the energy produced, no matter what the genre! Could be blues, soul, jazz or any of the amazing music that was being produced or something made back in the 30's it really didn’t matter as long as my heart felt the energy and it came from Love! When I hit my mid teens discovered, underground dance music, pirate radio, kiss 100 and was privy to the odd Madness concert; music had well and truly taken hold. What then unfolded was and is, a life time of traveling up and down the country and around the world in search of the perfect sound, beat - and not forgetting tribe - the dance that follows and the love we all feel, is that same love I felt as a small boy. When I started DJ'ing I was surrounded by some musical greats, Larry lush, Dan Bizaro, Simon Platipus, Mark Sinclair to name a few, They had kept me dancing for many many years and I had watched as they lifted many a weary traveler. I don't think it was until the one and only Cookee asked me to play Luminosity that I actually felt I was doing the right thing with my love of music. My style always seemed slightly different so I was always happy to warm up a night and would do so at any given opportunity - since then things have taken a huge turn and I'm now playing the clubs and festivals I would have only dreamt of. EGG , GIVE, MAGIC WOOD - only the very best. When I went to my first Give in 1999 I felt I had just been introduced to the real world; one where all of my thoughts, feelings and imagination, could be explored to it's limits with what I can only describe as a family. What binds that family, as with all Families, is Love! acceptance and a place to call home. Now, I get a chance to Give it back