GIVE! 2020

10-13th July Stanford Hall

GIVE! 2020 Cancelled – FULL STEAM AHEAD GIVE! 2021

Dearest GIVERs and Honey Bees

GIVE! 2020 is now officially cancelled

Although it's been obvious to all of us for a while we wanted to wait as long as we could

Even if we were able to see a chance of gathering in July there's so much prep that would need to go in over the next few months that it would be impossible for our creative teams, suppliers, crews and traders to safely come together or make accurate decisions about quantities & stock

And of course creating the perfect environment is only part of the story - when will we all feel comfortable enough to cosy up to one another in a crowded marquee?

Can you imagine being at GIVE! and NOT hugging and kissing EVERYONE YOU MEET?

But don't Despair! - We're already going FULL STEAM AHEAD with GIVE! 2021

Etch the 9th-12th July in your diary NOW

The chances are there'll be an awe inspiring explosive wave of pent up emotion breaking over Stanford Hall like a Tsunami of Joy when we're finally able to create the bursting HEART of GIVE! together and celebrate once more

2021 GIVE! Tickets at 2021 prices

Please hold on to your tickets, they'll be valid for GIVE! next year and of course they're a bargain - especially for those of you who were smart enough to score the super earlybird price at GIVE! 2019

However if you really need a refund we'll sort you out - just email Gigi at making sure you give her as much info as she needs to process the payment (Ticket ref, Paypal email used for purchase)

ANYONE with a House of Honey membership will not be charged an admin fee for their ticket refund - for all others there will be a £5 deduction per ticket to help cover costs

All ticket money is held in a separate account and won’t be touched until next year’s event


The one thing that is allowing us to keep afloat is the generous support of all our members

If you already have a membership - from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU!

If you don't already have a membership but might be able to consider subscribing – PLEASE DO SO!

We urgently need to cover our basic running costs and memberships are our lifeline

To find out more

One lovely thing that's been happening . . .

It's been very interesting to have connected with other event organizer friends in a way that we'd never usually do. There's been an inspiring level of mutual support and a generous exchange of ideas. In our niche area of creative production we're often so focused on our own events that there's little time to reach out to others - Very grateful for that


BTW I hope you've noticed how much creative energy we've been pouring into the MEDIA PLAYER over the last few weeks?

It's been one of our dreams to develop a place where we can host the best music available and represent as many of our hugely talented DJs as possible

It is FREE to use, has NO advertising, is PRS compliant and as always with HoH, never shares any data with anyone EVER

It's now also very mobile friendly, includes ARTIST SEARCH and we've added DOZENS of new mixes

Here's the link: