What we create is a rare and beautiful thing

Become a fully supportive subscription member and help us to nurture that magical intimacy

AND save a packet on ticket prices!


Become a Subscription Member

What's not to like?

  • Huge discounts on GIVE! & HoH Tickets
  • Support the future of GIVE! & HoH

  • Early entry to GIVE!*

* Insider and Nirvana members get Wednesday access to GIVE! (bag the best camping spots) and an invitation to the Wednesday evening Member & Crew banquet

Get big savings on tickets

There are three levels of Membership

  • Weekend Membership
    25% Ticket discount
  • Insider Membership
    50% Ticket discount
  • Nirvana Membership
    Free Tickets to all events

HoH Media Player

Membership funds the HoH MEDIA PLAYER

A unique resource which hosts dozens of your favourite HoH DJs and performers in one fantastically convenient, mobile friendly, simple to use space.

It is FREE to use, has NO advertising and as always with HoH, never shares any data with anyone EVER!


And helps support our charities

After each event we make a donation to one of our chosen charities

See links at bottom of the page

Crew Membership

This applies to All Crew & Artists

To keep to roughly the same number of crew & guests and the intimacy, safety and discretion that we all know and love, we need everyone on site whether guest or crew to take out at least the basic £50 level of subscription membership.

This is OPTIONAL but it would be MUCH appreciated

If you feel that the level of your work commitment at GIVE! means that there's no way you should take out a membership, then fair enough and thanks for everything you do – but if at all possible, please help us to keep things on the magical scale we all enjoy and join up!

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