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Harvest Party 2010
Eridge Park Sept 19th

Great weather, big smiles, wild dancing, huge hugs and a lot of laughs

Let's do it again!

Special mentions & thanks to...

All the fantastic performers, the sumptuous decoration from Orchid House, the crystal clear FAT sound by Encore, the super-slick production from Dave, Gigi, Beth, Bilbo, Danny, Nicky & the team, the brilliant projections by Kevin & Tim and the brain twisting lights & lasers by Damian, Andy, Ben & Kevin, the obtuse movie magic from Will & the Cinema crew, the lush 5 star camping courtesy of Hotel Bell Tent & Airstream Facilities, the great food and snacks from GojiWahWah, Kalkota Street Food, Jerry & Malika's Cappuccino and Alan's Lotus Cafe, the friendliest traders selling stuff you actually wanted to buy, the cheerful, tireless support from the Eridge Estate crew, the delicious champagne on tap thanks to Perrier Jouet & the funkiest bar on the planet from Bubblebus.

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