All ticket prices below are shown inclusive of VAT

SUPER Earlybird tickets - £165 ♥ SOLD OUT

First Release Earlybird tickets - £175 ♥ SOLD OUT

Second Release Earlybird tickets - £185 ♥ SOLD OUT

Tier 1 adult advance tickets - £195 ♥ SOLD OUT

Tier 2 adult advance tickets - £210 ♥ SOLD OUT

Tier 3 adult advance tickets - £225 ♥ SOLD OUT

Saturday from 12:00 tickets - £155 ♥ AVAILABLE

you'll see Saturday option on dropdown menu if you click on the current available ticket

Late Entry or Gate tickets - £250 ♥ AVAILABLE

Teenager 13+ - £60 ♥ AVAILABLE

Kids 3+ to -13 - £30 ♥ AVAILABLE


You do not need an electronic or paper ticket

Once your payment has been processed by Paypal you will receive a confirmation email from Paypal and another confirmation email from House of Honey. We do not issue electronic or paper tickets, just bring ID with you to show at reception; Credit Card or driving license will do

Want to check your ticket status?

login to your HoH account > click on 'Profile' > click on 'Tickets' > all your current tickets will be visible

Camper Van Pass - £110

Only live-in vehicles with a Camper Van Pass will be allowed in the main area - all other vehicles park in the car-park. NOWHERE in the main camping area is more than 100m from the car park.

Weekend SPA/Sauna Pass £36

This gives you unlimited access to the Sauna area


If you're a student email us with a scan of your student card and we'll set you up with a concession

If you're on benefits or skint (really!) email us and we'll work out whether you qualify

We want you there! Just because you're a student or on benefits or low wages doesn't mean you should miss out x


Under 18's need to be accompanied by their own parent or legal guardian

You must undertake to be responsible for your Kids & Teens at all times

If you're not prepared to look after them DON'T BRING THEM

Under 3s come free

To buy kids tickets: sign into the website, go to your profile and then add your kid's names and ages - your kids will then appear on the page when you click 'Buy Tickets'

Group Discount

(6 or more) - the more friends you bring the better the discount - here's how it works;

We need to see that they're actually coming, so in your 'Buy Tickets' page click 'add this friend' to add them to your ticket list (they'll get an email saying this has happened)

You can then buy tickets on their behalf - or they can can react to the link in their email and buy their own.

when 5 tickets have been bought email us before you buy and we'll make your ticket a £140 concession (or you can nominate someone else)

The same applies to the 8th ticket - and the 10th

Become a Member

What we create is a rare and beautiful thing - but it sometimes needs a little extra financial nourishment

Whether you come as a GUEST or as CREW; membership helps safeguard the future of GIVE & HoH

- plus you get the benefit of download access to the HoH Media Player and big savings on tickets

Ticket Changes

You can transfer your ticket to someone else until 2 weeks before the event
If you need to do this email gigidecs@talk21.com with the full name and email of the person you want to nominate

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