Allegra Taylor

Allegra has led the opening ceremony and held the holistic space at many House of Honey events, Kimberley and GIVE!

The eldest child of a Polish Jewish father and an Irish/English mother, born in Australia. She had an unconventional globetrotting childhood which gave her a love of travel and an appreciation of diverse cultures. Educated in America and Brazil. At seventeen she married documentary filmmaker Richard Taylor. Together they have brought up six children, two of whom they adopted while living in Nigeria and one in Kenya and they have 13 Grandchildren

She is a practicing therapeutic touch healer and counselor, a member of the Society of Authors, The National Federation of Spiritual Healers, the Doctor/Healer Network, the British Holistic Medical Association and The Guild of Celebrants. She now specializes in creating and guiding beautiful, personal, weddings and funerals

For many years she was a freelance writer for magazines such as: She, Illustrated London News, Woman, Women's Own, Annabel, Choice and the New Internationalist and is the author of several books including: 'I fly out with bright feathers: the quest of a novice healer', 'Acquainted with the night: a year on the frontiers of death', 'Prostitution: what's love got to do with it?', 'Healing Hands', 'Older than time; a grandmother's search for wisdom', 'Ladder to the moon; women in search of spirituality' and for children; Tal Niv's kibbutz (with photographs by Nancy Durrell McKenna)

She has always had a special interest in rites and ceremonies, themes concerning women's issues, spirituality, indigenous health practices and complementary medicine. She has traveled widely in the developing world and been a speaker and workshop leader at such venues as The Mind, Body and Spirit Festival and the College of Psychic Studies. She's appeared on several television programmes including 'The New Age', Channel 4; 'The Human Factor', T.V.S.; Daytime U.K., I.T.V.; and 'Kelly', Ulster Television

She has taught courses in creative writing and healing in England and in many parts of the world, having been been a regular director and facilitator at Skyros, the holistic centre in Greece, Tobago and Thailand, at Cortijo Romero in Spain, Huzur Vadisi in Turkey, The Forum at Claremont in California and Ulpotha in Sri Lanka