Tintern Abbey for Poonie
Tintern Abbey for Poonie Ben the Bee (bio)
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24/06/2014 Poonie asked me to read you this poem by Wordsworth – our favourite. Wordsworth wrote it for his beloved sister; and through his expression of love for her, he also meditates on his unfolding relationship with the natural world and his sense of wonder at the beauty of the mystery. In death, as in life, Poonie made every part of the experience fabulously beautiful - and even though, for us, that beauty is shaded with sadness, It's a beauty that lives with us still – we feel it now. She managed to achieve what felt like a state of Grace and, remarkably, allowed us all to share in it with her. What an amazing person she was – what a beautiful soul she's become. My reading is on behalf of all three of her devoted brothers: Bee, Tim and Matt - Love you to bits, Sis xxx

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