Backyard Dave - bYd

David fell in love with Dance Music in Sydney while on an around the world trip that started in 1991. Armed with only a handful of cassette tapes he left Australia and continued his travels through Indonesia and Malasia on a motorbike, spreading the new sounds to anyone and everyone he met until he gravitated to Haadrin in Thailand six months later - for a planned two week stay! - There he founded the legendary Backyard Pub in December 1992 and ran it for nearly ten years - with a mission; 'to influence and inspire the maximum number of people possible to the actuality of oneness through musical unity via celebration and dance' ... or "parties" for short!

At this time he also became the organizer and headline DJ for The Paradise Full Moon beach parties that attracted up to 25 thousand people every month, and continued with a succession of spin offs both on Haadrin and the surrounding islands including Black Moon, Half Moon, New Moon (well...Every Moon really!)

From these roots he has had the joy of performing alongside a monumental collection of International Djs and artists, and has been invited to play at a multitude of events, festivals and parties around the world. Whilst living in London he set up a label, released his own music, ran the Vinyl Addiction record shop in Camden and was at the helm of a plethora of happenings and shindigs spanning the late Nineties and on through the Naughties.

"I know not where I'm going, the ocean will decide - it's not the destination but the glory of the ride" -