Ben the Bee

At the heart of the deep underground music scene from the wild raves of the 80s to Ibiza, Burning Man and beyond, Ben fell in love with dance music tripping the light fantastic at the Embassy Club in the 70s. Collected a vast roomful of dub disco and soul tunes that suddenly came into their own in the mid 80s when the first raves exploded into our consciousness. Luckily managed to score a great party flat in Ifield Rd Chelsea and occasionally had a few mates over for a dance (if you were there you know what I'm talking about). Realized in a rare moment of clarity that a larger venue might be needed. Started hosting GIVE! at The Fortress in Kings Cross and Woy-Oy on the MV Cam Leopard at Chelsea Bridge in the late 80s, Kimberley in the early 90s and House of Honey in the Naughties. HoH is the Mothership for Harvest @ Eridge park, GIVE! @ Stanford Hall and a veritable cornucopia of London Events & Party Nights.

He’s played at countless great festivals, clubs & parties all over the planet including: GIVE!, Kimberley, Secret Garden Party, Wilderness, Burning Man (USA), Glastonbury, Bestival, Woy-Oy, Harvest, Shindig, Thunderpussy, Golden Delicious, The Whitehouse, Ravenous, Paramount, Koshka, Fly, Aura (Ibiza), The Backyard (Thailand), Tender, Lotus, Cultural Virus, Megatripolis, Pendragon, Sunset Ashram (Ibiza), Seductive Alchemy, The ICA, Rustlers Valley (South Africa), Save the Rhino (Kenya), TIP (Goa), Rift Valley Festival (Kenya), Wajaya Beach (Sri Lanka) and Sunrise (UK)