Derrick Patterson

"Music is what feelings sound like”

Mixing since the 80s; first known on London Pirate radio station 'D Faze1'- the birth place of many a great DJ, such as Fabio and Groove Rider, Mark Sinclair, Dave Angel and booker T. Derrick has worked in some London's best known record shops: Red Records in Brixton, Unity Records in Beak Street, and Release Da Groove.

Over the years Derrick has performed with many well known DJ’s such as Brandon Block, Joey Negro, Colin Dale, Adamski, Hoxton Whores and more. He’s a regular at dozens of festivals and party nights including Margate Soul Weekend, Wheels and Fins, Lounge on the Farm, Pride Stock City Sound Project, Give! and more…

He also loves playing small underground parties where he can go deep and personal with a more intimate crowd. Derrick’s immense music history is rooted in Soul, Funk and Disco but his style has expanded to embrace deep, dirty, funky, underground house vibes. Whatever he's playing his music is full of passion and straight from the heart beautifully leading the crowd on a musical journey full of twists, turns and surprises.