Her first DJing experience came at the tender age of 7, when she was to be seen travelling with her portable, battery operated, record player over to friend's gardens to play ska music! Dabbling in all types of instruments throughout her school years, Amazonia finally settled on the turntables in 1991 and has never looked back! The first few years were spent learning her mixing skills and how to work a crowd, by playing at friend's house parties, until 1995, when a friend persuaded Amazonia to play out to an unknown audience in a club on the Kings Rd. Since then, Amazonia has played at a huge variety of parties; bars; clubs & festivals both in the UK & all over the globe (Kimberley/Give!/Glastonbury/Thunderpussy/Golden Delicious/Rise/Shine/Whoop Whoop/Kerfuffle/T-Party/Save the Rhino/MyCuppaT/Femi9/International Love Inn, to name but a few) and currently spends part of each year playing at the coolest beach bars in Costa Rica. In 2000, Amazonia began collaborating with singing sisters babyT & Natstar and producer Larry Lush on a project they called Much. Their first 12" 'Bounce' was released on alpha-beat records in 2001. Seven tracks were written in total. Amazonia has also produced a number of more downtempo groovy tracks with J Morgan, under the name Long & Short Productions.

Amazonia is host of The Lion's Den radio show – currently on Back2life sessions every Monday, previously on Gaialive, then Pulse Radio & even a guest spot on KissFM. She generally plays a house-based set (funky/deep/Latino) although she also delves into: Disco; US Garage; Detroit Techno; Techouse; Break beat; Electro; Reggae & Funk!! Anything with a groove is her motto!