Camp Cuts

Loves a good tune, especially if it makes you wiggle!

He was lucky enough to spend his early days down at The Africa Centre (centre of the world!) listening to the likes of Soul II Soul or in Manchester listening to the Northern Uproar. Most memorable night was an impromptu party at the Astoria with (the artist formally known as) Prince, George Benson and Chaka Khan - jammin’ till dawn. Alex spent 10 years in the Antipodes where he was very much influenced by the fantastic dub sounds of the locals. Influenced by masses from The Velvet Underground (Yeah, Yeah isn’t everyone), Roger Whittaker (Bet you can’t Whistle as good as him!) to The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (Genius)  and everyone who ever played at K (Shhhh) . . . and he’s not bad half at fixing dodgy backs too!