Colin Dale

To call Colin Dale "legendary" is no over-estimation - He's been one of London's most cutting edge Djs for over 20 years and still continues to surprise and marvel. In 1985 Colin was one of the key members of the pirate radio station Kiss FM.

Colin has recorded for Perfecto, Obsessive, Logic, Sensei, Visitor, Abstrakt Dance, Swag, Laus, Alien Funk and others. He's played at clubs & Parties such as Fabric, Rex, Pasha (Buenos Aires) and Love (Brazil),Dance Valley, Full Moon, Tribal Gathering, Sunrise, Dance Valley, Energy, Love Parade, Automatik @ Rex Club Paris, Rage @ Heaven, Bloc Festival, Glade, Dragon Ball and recently special guest at Paul Van Dyke's Vandit club in Berlin and of course Give! Harvest & ' know what'!