DJ Cookee

Justin Cookee has been collecting 7 inch vinyl since the late 70's and mixed cassettes since the 80's. Learnt to mix jungle in mates bedrooms in the summer of 1990, performed live bass in bands since the early 90's and has been producing and dj'ing dance music ever since. In 97 he was also heavily influenced by underground house music around this time by legendary parties, Heart N Soul, Whoop Whoop, Wiggle and Kerfuffle, and Peg and of course his first Kimberley in 98. Started his own Bendeleg parties soon after the millenium and hosted events in France, Bulgaria, Spain and throughout London. Residencies followed at Turnmills, Egg, 333, Hidden and as far afield as La Manga in Spain. Also played at Blessed, Stirfried Valentine, Sizzle, Frickley Hollow, DeliceDaFunk@MOS, Kerfuffle, Mardi Gras2011, Suck my Deck, Untuckit, Summit, Party Proactive and Peg in the Sun.

After playing his most memorable highlight set at kimberley in 07 he relocated to the Jurassic coast and started a family, but also built a solid reputation down in Dorset in all the best nightclubs and started hosting some (legendary) beach parties. Co-formed the 'Bassment jaxx-esque' dance band 'The Stirfried Frequency with some fellow shiny folk who’d found each other at K07 and together they’ve been releasing on their own digital label Stirfried Trax ever since. Now firmly back home in London for 2012 and onwards. Cookee's set are always highly focused on his love of syncapated rythyms, groove and bass, using melodic vocal hooks and elements of funk and soul. Loves reading the crowd, whipping up the dancefloor and finding their perfect groove.