Miss C

Miss.C has been around and making music since she was 12 and lives for it!
Starting off as an MC on the D'n'B scene in 97, she then moved on to garage scene and it was then she re-kindled her love of house music. She was always around 'House' music as her parents were constantly playing it around the house as she was growing up plus she grew up with a number of pop stars in the 90's such as The KLF, Adamski and The Orb. Loves taking people on a journey and not sticking to the any one particular genre. Playing everything from Soul, Funk, Hip Hop to Funky, Filthy, Deep and Soulful House music - "Music is a feeling - it's all about finding the right one at the right time and hitting the right vibe!"

Formed His 'n Hers with Paulo Gonzalez in 2016 on a mission to "Take B2B Dj sets to a new & much sexier level" - playing some of the deepest and funkiest House sounds around - 'This beautiful duo bring pure sass and the most positive vibes to any dance floor they play'