Grant Lazlo

As a solo artist and as a DJ Grant Lazlo's Neo-Retro sound is the amalgamation of his multiple loves in music; it melts electronic beats with a subtle use of vintage samples and atmospheres. What shines through in all his tunes is their irresistible drive to make you get up and dance. Born and raised in Marseille, a cosmopolitan melting pot that drenched him in musical influences from all around the world - and allowed his mind and his ears to transcend any musical boundaries. He creates unique music that's inspired by many different styles and periods. Grant Lazlo has toured the Globe headlining clubs and festivals such as Rainbow Serpent (Australia), Fusion (Germany), Ressonar (Brazil), Marsatac (France), Ritter Butzke (Berlin), La Bellevilloise (Paris), Astra (Berlin) and GIVE! (UK)