Jane T & Sharon Bowen

I've been a record collector since the age of 10. I looked after them well, and still play some of those old treasures with my name biro-ed on the cover. Always loved a rave and became part of the Kimberley/Give famileee via the legendary Ericsson 768 parties in '96.

My farmhouse in Newport Pagnall was perfect for a party and we hosted many there, becoming immersed in music and making friends for life. I was a regular at Wiggle and Kerfuffle and started buying house music from Liz Edwards at Swag. I learnt to mix, and early on played at The Ministry of Sound (Baby Box), where having a room full of dancers partying to my music loud on a great system got me completely hooked. However, because my mates and mentors were the BEST house DJs (Eddie Richards, LE Bass, JJeff, Richard Grey, Pure Science), I increasingly dug out my old soul and pop records that were perfect for fluffy Sundays.

I met my musical soul sister Lil Lady Vinyl (Sharon Bowen) in the early 2000s. Often playing at the same parties, our records dovetailed perfectly. We inspired each other, and playing B2B meant our set could be twice as long! The rest is history: parties, birthdays, weddings, festivals. Highlights are playing Kimberley and GIVE! Wilderness, What The? and Orchard

I missed Give! 2019 but prior to that I've been every year, often seen working behind the bar, or playing at the Treehouse.