J Jeff

A DJ of 30 years, a veteran of the 80's acid house scene and a staunch supporter of the underground. Deeply rooted in the sound of Detroit, Chicago the UK and New York, over the years Jeff has developed his own unique blend of tough, tribal, deep house and techno.

An avid collector and purveyor of vinyl, worked in record shops in Soho - IQ and Carbon, and Greyhound distribution in London. Having built a vast collection of quality dance music, influenced by early Electro, Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and Dub combined with an eclectic mix of artists such as Pink Floyd to Tangerine dream, Kraftwerk and many more. . . In a nutshell, Music. This is at the root of all Jeff does, whether it's DJing, producing, Engineering or Selling vinyl. Most recently involved in Sound Art projects for Speedo via SP Projects which have been shown in New York, also at GIVE! and other venues worldwide. A Music Technology Specialist with a background in Underground dance music. He's played an extraordinary list of Parties, venues and clubs played over the last 30 years including Fabric, Heaven, The Marquee, Plastic People, The Fridge, The Crypt, The Dungeons, Trends, Elektowerkz, Turnmills, Megatripolis, Dynamix, Wild Life, Alienation, Coalesce, Kerfuffle, Wiggle, Peg, Naughty Rhythm, Golden Delicious, Kimberley, Save the Rhino, Whoop Whoop, Homelands, Glastonbury, Womad, 768, Harvest, GIVE! and The Orchard festival. Also, various places in New Zealand, Croatia, Slovenia, France, Italy, and Goa.