J Jeff

Influenced by early electro, hip hop, soul and funk , started buying house and techno records in 1987, started DJing in 1990 , playing all over the UK and in Europe, staying true to the original underground sound and vibe of the of the acid house scene. Worked in IQ records, Soho and for greyhound records, Clapham, Carbon records kensington and soho, Interface radio and various pirate shows.

Places, venues and clubs in brief.... Fabric, heaven, The marquee, Plastic People, The fridge, The crypt, The dungeons, clink street, trends, elektowerkz, turnmills, megatripolis, dynamix, wlid life, alienation, coalesce, kerfuffle, wiggle, peg, naughty rhythm, golden delicious, kimberley, save the rhino, whoop whoop, homelands, 768 and Harvest, also various places in New zealand, Croatia, Slovenia, France and Italy.