L.E. Bass

Growing up in the early 80's pirate stations such as Horizon, TKO and LWR played an instrumental part in the influential tapestry of her future sound. Rare groove, Jazz Funk and Soul was filling the airwaves of London, which had a big impact. By the late 80's 'The Sound of House' was a major catalyst for Lou to forge ahead and start collecting records, then in 1992 she developed a passion for DJ-ing. While working for a small record label in Soho, Lou was surrounded by the very best vinyl emporiums, a lifelong addiction had started.

She then started to produce some of her own inimitable Deep House productions for various labels - including her own; 'Harmonic Tracks'. She tied this in with running the collective parties in the Noughties, aptly named ‘Naughty Rhythm’. Also, a weekly slot on the infamous ‘interface radio’ with guest DJ’s such as Juan Atkins and Eddie Richards. A regular at some of the best parties in and around London and Europe over the last two decades, a much loved and respected DJ.

L.E. Bass delivers her own unique brand of quality House and Techno, has a great knowledge, understanding and passion for the vibe of a party. Always on point and takes you on a journey through the more discerning sounds of the Underground. Unassuming, but a formidable force behind the Decks. “The General’ was her nickname…for a very good reason.