Ms Merlin

. . . because if its just Merlin everyone thinks she’s a bloke!

Born in London raised in Bath. From the age of 10 spent every summer in LA with my remarried musician dad. Was 16 in 1988 – and discovered raving at the Zap club in Brighton with Tonka Crew. Was at THAT Glastonbury in 1989 where the party in the Travellers field happened (now Shangri La) Circus Warp. Moved to San Francisco in 1991 and discovered the Wicked Crew from Tonka (UK ravers throwing parties). Went to every dance party possible - usually 6 nights a week - San Francisco was AMAZING in the 90's. Went to my first Burning Man in 1993 and have since been to 13 more. In India in 1995 I witnessed my first total solar eclipse and spent the season in Goa. Moved to Byron Bay Australia in 1998 - Partied a LOT! Discovered Circus and trained at Spaghetti Circus for 2 years. Switched gear and became a professional performer. That was 17 years ago. Moved back to the UK early 2000's and then discovered Kimberley - my first year was the purple one – where as Ms Merlin I've performed in some respect at almost every Kimberley & GIVE! ever since.

Now Merlin has finally slowed down enough to be able to achieve standing still and playing music - I thought everyone needed to know the name of every good tune - and finally realised I may be more than just an enthusiast for good dance music!

And now the journey continues - in a musical direction…