Peter Ashworth

Think of a defining pop culture image from the last 25 years: The Eurythimics, David Bowie, Adam & the Ants, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Steve Strange and the BLITZ Kids - the list goes on. Think of an iconic album cover - think of classic editions of 'The Face' chances are they were shot by Peter

He's also one the many fabulously talented creatives involved in the extended House of Honey, Kimberley, GIVE! family

Fascinated with the original, the heroes, the creators of our age. whether musicians, designers, stylists, street strollers or the unknown but intriguing - if they have presence and a style they can call their own, collaboration is in the air. Having been in a number of bands in his youth, shooting sleeves for records was a natural progression. Fashion is now his main focus where he believes the most original and potent images of today come from. The range of work is vast: Ashworth-Photos