Born in Jakarta's legendary Tanamur in the 90's, Trainboy now resides in Ludlow where he is still playing half decent dance music on vinyl to anyone who will listen. Trainboy spent the noughties in London, where he co-hosted Lotus with founders the late but ever shining MillyNix and his musical soul mate Rui Fiske, and hosted two debauched Get Cheeky nights with Dich 'Sexual Chocolate' Oatley. He did once play Kimberley but can’t remember when. Other parties blur into one, with his favourite set at his own 40th, Denham Iniquity, co-hosted with the permanently grinning Bobby Serjeant. He hosts a funk night in Ludlow called Globular Funk, is curator of the soon to launch, and is currently playing Ladies Night live on Facebook every Sunday from 6 til 8pm to blow away the Corona Blues.