Wiggly Will

A lover of all thing’s music, all genres and cultural influences. Initiated to dance music via the outdoor raves of the late 80's, London's Wag Club, Thailand’s Full Moon Parties and the dance music scene of Amsterdam. After the distorted Goa Trance of the previous season, I returned to Thailand with some quality tunes and began DJing on the beach, then subsequently at the Backyard Bar, from which a scene was born, friendships blossomed, and lives were changed. The extended dance 'family' merged and grew, Thailand crew parties sprung up in London and from there I found my way to Kimberley and you lovely lot! I have DJ'd at numerous private parties, The Funky End Bar, Christian Last’s ‘Beats’ events, Kimberley, Give and on the Back to Life Radio Sessions.

Play from the heart x