GIVE! 2017
Stanford Hall 14th - 17th July
crew info

The crew are the heart & soul of the party . . .

the feeling we all create in the build up to the weekend is the vibe that welcomes our guests - It's because we form such a close crew that our friends are able to revel in such a great atmosphere . . . THANK YOU for being part of it!


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SITE PLAN v7 - OFTEN UPDATED, check back again later

PROGRAMME optimised for your phone:

PROGRAMME v2 (Print Friendly)

RISK ASSESSMENT This MUST be completed and returned to

HODs can fill this in on behalf of their crews - you can also email to request a web version which can be completed online

method statements:







(and then check the guest info page for general info that applies to everyone)

NB: This is site of 'special scientific interest' and as such is subject to special conditions

We must not leave a trace of ash, or singed grass, or digging or litter - we must leave the park exactly as we find it


Please try to arrive before dark as there will be no movement of unauthorized vehicles allowed on site after darkness has fallen

If you arrive after dark you will have to park at the gate overnight and walk onto the site

If you're making a delivery - check in with reception and then the site office

If you're staying to work on the site you need to check in with reception or the site office to get your wristband

You MUST have accreditation or a wristband to be on site


Crew can camp anywhere in Crew or General camping. If you have a camper van you can park for free in the crew area - you can't park a camper in the general camping are without a camper van pass. Cars must be parked in the main car park

Make sure access and emergency routes are kept clear

If an essential vehicle pass has been agreed, come and collect it from the site office


Get out - Stay out - Alert Security, Site office or Paramedics.

Stay calm - move quickly - get everyone out and clear from the area.

Bring the correct extinguishers (Wood/paper = water / Electrical = CO2) - and make sure they're up to date

If you use LPG, keep it separate and locked

If you have anything electrical make sure it's PAT tested


We can't afford to feed you - Bring your own food and cooking facilities

Crew Brew will be serving tea, coffee & biscuits from Wednesday til Wednesday. Bacon Sarnies will be available in the mornings

You need a crew wristband to use Crew Brew

(Certain HODs, as agreed prior to the event, including security & first aid will be given meal vouchers, to be collected from the site office)

For advance set-up crew there will be an evening meal available in the Tea Rooms located in the Stable Yard - you'll need a ticket for this


Please would you ensure that anyone coming with your crew is aware that, if they are bringing any under 18 year olds, they have to be the parent or court appointed guardian of the children. Children without their parent will not be allowed on site.

At least one of the parents must also be properly registered on the House of Honey website where they can register their children in their records and buy them a kids crew ticket at £15 per child or £25 for teens. Failure to do this will mean they will be paying full kids price at the gate. Please make sure that children are registered with their tickets paid for by 6th July

We do this to make sure that we have details of everyone attending on our system - and so that we can provide enough facilities


Band parking

Use the general car park - NOWHERE is more than 2 minutes walk from anywhere else

Artist liaison

  • When you've arrived on site send someone to check in with artist liaison - BEHIND THE HOUSE OF HONEY STAGE
  • They'll make a note of your stage requirements and explain about getting on and off stage.
  • Please bring any stage plans and channel lists with you


Back Line

On the House of Honey Stage we have a basic back-line set up of Guitar amp, bass amp and drum kit.


We have top class engineers and the latest desks and d&b sound systems - and we have all the monitoring, mics, stands, DIs that you could wish for.

Drinks and food for Bands

There will be beers and soft drinks in the band tent backstage. Your band leader or coordinator will need to pick-up tokens for food from the site office.

Getting on stage

arrive for your set 30 minutes early and get prepped.

Sound checks, set length, encores

the times shown on the programme are the total time allocated to your act. that includes getting on, line-checking, performance, encore - and getting off. please help us to help you get the longest possible performance time. We will not allow ANY overruns.


Your band leader or coordinator will need to come to the site office on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning to sort out finances. Ask for Bee or Angela


Set times

Please check in and confirm set times with Danny at the House of Honey stage



Make sure you email us your insurance documents and food safety certificates - and make sure you have them available on site

Site Inspection

On Friday July 14th 10am we will have a site inspection. This will include Health & Safety checks. Please ensure that any visible electrics have current PAT test certification, and that gas bottles are properly stored (they should be separate and locked)and fire extinguishers are up to date. Any food prep areas must have suitable floor covering - even if that's just a secure tarpaulin. We may also ask to see your documentation.

NB. The local authority have been very helpful & supportive. If any suggestions are given listen carefully and assure them that any necessary changes will be made ASAP


We will have approx 1000 Givers onsite.

Music - Noise levels

Unless you have an agreement with us music must be at background levels in your location (ask Daniel from production if in doubt). NO pumping sound systems will be allowed! We will need to be very strict on this because of the promises we have made to the Estate and to the Council.

Caterers Wristbands

We will have 2 wristbands relating to the Caterers:

  • Red Rip tag bands (Food ONLY) - These will be used for our hard working crew and some performers. Each rip tag should allow the bearer a plate of food (please collect these to settle up with Ben later and so that they are not reused)
  • Gold (Food and Drink) - only about 10 of these will be given out and only to KEY organizers and owners of the land. Please allow them free food and drink (within reason! - if you have a problem speak to Ben)


Please come to the site office on Monday morning to sort out finances before you leave. Ask for Bee or Angela


There is a charge for power. Work out how much you'll need


There will be wheelie rubbish bins & glass recycling around the site. Sat and Tuesday @9AM please ensure that any bins you have been using (or rubbish in bin bags) are at the rubbish points. If you have any large rubbish please ensure that it gets to one of the Skips (locations are on the site map)


If water has been agreed, bring a threaded connector and appropriate hose lengths

Grey Water

Spa area: Bring enough hose to reach one of the drainage gullies (15 meters should do it)

Caterers: You must bring a container to collect your grey water (Get something with wheels!!) - it may be emptied in the drainage ditch behind the Spa area


Leave No Trace!

PLEASE will you ensure that your stall area is as clean as you found it when you pack up to go; Litter, bottle tops, fag butts and broken glass can be fatal to livestock and wildlife