GIVE! 2017
Stanford Hall 14th - 17th July
holistic & spa area
Passport to Paradise

Glorious Sauna & Hot Tub areas - and some of the worlds finest holistic practitioners and teachers on hand to transport you to Nirvana

Heatwave Sauna (SPA pass)

Bryan and the Heatwave team create a beautiful, nurturing environment, with several spaces to warm you up, rinse you down and chill you out

Day or weekend passes available

This gives you unlimited access to the Sauna, Shower & Relaxation Yurt at any time over the weekend

It's cheaper to buy a weekend SPA pass at the same time as you buy your ticket!

Hot Tubs

NEW - separate, more secluded area

Exclusive use of Hot Tub for 1 hour £60 - Up to 6 people is comfortable - but it's up to you

You can buy an exclusive 1 hour time slot at the same time as you buy your ticket

To book the actual time you want either contact Bryan in advance at or if you'd rather decide at the Party just go to heatwave reception

Individual, shared Hot Tub session for 1 hour £15 - organize at Heatwave reception

Holistic Therapies

Super efficient booking system - exceptional therapists

A great deal of love and care goes into the holistic area. . .

Huge thanks to all involved for curating the space and bringing together such a wonderful collection of teachers and healers

Check out what's on offer and BOOK UP for your treatments IN ADVANCE or as soon as you've arrived on Friday

Individual Treatments

BOOK IN ADVANCE - please check back soon for times & booking details

To sign up for a treatment - go to Holistic Reception, choose your therapy & decide on your time slot

We have a mouthwatering selection of treatments on offer (TBC):

  • Thai yoga massage
  • Crainial Osteopathy
  • Shiatsu
  • 4 Hand Tantric Massage
  • MFR - Myofascial release
  • MFR & Swedish massage
  • Thai-Swedish combo
  • Crystal healing
  • Bowen technique
  • Holistic Deep tissue
  • Thai massage
  • Healing psychic
  • Swedish deep tissue


Workshops are free!

Check the NOTICE BOARD - Arrive 5 mins before the programmed time

  • Sacred Circles for Peace & Healing
  • Yoga
  • Dij Vibrational Healing
  • Meditation
  • Reflexology
  • Chi Gung